Top Talent : 9 Universal Competencies

Top Talent : 9 Universal Competencies

Working with identyfing top characteristics of successful employees, I got into the book of Ralf KnegtmansAgile Talent”. The author refers to 9 universal competencies,  which he obtained in many years of research and experience and which help us to identify the top talents. These competencies are:

  • authenticity and creativity
  • passion and self-motivation
  • achieving top performance at the right moment
  • maintaining the ability to learn
  • having the skill to reduce complexity
  • knowing how to set ambitious, yet realistic goals
  • being proactive in solving problems
  • being slightly lazy or quickly bored
  • possessing courage along with confidence

In my next post I will present the concept of Agile Talent. Now I would like to invite you to listen to the author.

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