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Leadership trainings

We focus on training leadership skills.

The following training modules can be included in the leader development program for your company. We use the latest scientific research on leadership and development of employees and their wellbeing in the workplace and we implement best practices for managing, leading companies. We conduct trainings involving participants to learn through exercise, problemsolving and discussion. We put emphasis on sharing experiences and teambased learning.

The desired result of these trainings is to change attitudes, habits and behaviour after completing trainings and returning to the workplace.

A detailed programme is established together with the client based on a study of development needs with the purpose of the training and the final effects that we want to achieve.

Our proposal for training topics for managers:

  • Set goals and efficiently delegate tasks
  • Leader styles, situational leadership and leadership skills development
  • Effective communication and feedback
  • Manager as coach
  • Building efficient teams
  • Engaging employees
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employee Career Management