Cross-cultural training, Pexels, Min An

Cross-cultural training is targeted at teaching participants how to act in a multi-cultural environment. During the workshop we will learn to skillfully move among cultures gaining the knowledge about cultural differences. We will build the awareness about our own  culture code through the development of cross-cultural competencies, and thus increasing the efficiency of communication and collaboration. We will learn to overcome barriers and prevent conflicts caused by cultural differences. The  training is based on the research and the experience of the trainer in lecturing and working in multicultural teams in global organisations.

Key values of the training:
– learn the codes of cultures
– gaining skills to communicate and work in a multicultural environment
– get to know the ways to adapt to diverse cultural contexts
– recognize the barriers in cross-cultural communication
– develop the skills to build relations with a perspective of a given culture
– solve conflicts resulting from communication mistakes
– develop cross-cultural competencies

Introduction to cross-cultural differences:
– Culture – values, beliefs, behaviour norms and attitutudes.

Influence of cross-cultural differences on collaboration:
– behavioural differences,
– stereotypes and prejudices,
– different working standards, values, behaviuours.

Models of cultural dimensions:
Analysis of differences on the basis of the cultural dimensions using the models of:
(Geert Hofstede, Edward Hall, Richard Gesteland, Erin Meyer, Richard D. Lewis)

Communication tools:
– communication styles
– barriers in communication.

International business etiquette
– non-verbal communication
– greetings, salutations, business cards, gifts, behaviours during business meetings and lunch/dinner.

Conflict prevention and resolution:
– basics of non-violent communication,
– essence, roots and dynamics of conflict, reacting in the conflict situation, conflict resolution techniques.

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