Have you ever wondered what are your limiting beliefs and how can you possibly overcome them?

Limiting beliefs are beliefs (assumptions and perceptions) that we have about a certain topic, especially about ourselves that constrain us in some way. These are deeply rooted, subconsious beliefs that don’t serve us. We carry around plenty of limiting beliefs. “I am too old”. “I am too young”. “Others are better than me”. “Others know more than me”. “I am not enough”.

Here is the advice from Forbes on how to shift your limiting beliefs:

  1. Pause, stop and reflect. If you feel fear or resistance about an activity, pause. Become aware that you’re in ‘low-mood thinking’.
  1. Understand your thoughts are not the truth. Write down your thoughts. Try and identify the stories or ‘lies’ you’re telling yourself. Understand that you created these ‘lies’ by giving meanings to events, but that they are not the truth about you.
  1. Look for evidence. Be aware that you have the power to turn your lies into truths by looking for evidence that is the opposite of your limiting beliefs. 
  1. Take back your power. Stop blaming the outside world for your results. You alone are in command of your thoughts and your life. Feeling anxious or stressed is, simply the result of ‘low-mood thinking’. A thought is just a thought. A feeling is just a feeling. They are not the truth about you and they will pass.
  1. Talk to someone about your limiting beliefs. It may help to talk this through with someone else. If you want to change your old, limiting story and create new empowering beliefs about yourself, to live a life of flow and inspiration, seek out the help that you need to make this happen for you.

What do you want to focus on? Where focus goes your energy flows. Use it wisely.


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